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Looking for a wedding photographer is often a monumental task. There are simply too many photographers out there to choose from and too many variables to worry about! How in the world do you choose one? What kind of questions should you ask? What kind of information do you need in order to make an informed decision? Please read through my FAQ's and contact me to discuss your photographic needs. I look forward to talking to you soon!


  1. Are you going to be taking the photos?

    Yes. I am the owner and primary photographer. In addition, my Wife typically assists with off camera lighting, posing and set up.

  2. What is your photography style?

    I take a photo-journalistic approach to my wedding photography. I know that’s pretty cliche these days, but it does allow me to stay out of the way, most of the time that is, and capture unstaged, unrehearsed, genuine moments of your wedding day. I also encourage traditional Wedding photos to please Mom and Dad.

  3. What type of camera do you use?

    I use professional Canon cameras, lenses, and flashes. I also use an assortment of lighting equipment such as strobes, battery packs, light stands, modifiers, reflectors, etc. I always carry backups at all times so rest assured you are getting the best!

  4. Will you be open to any ideas I may have for photos?

    Absolutely! I welcome it. Let me know what ideas you have in mind and we will incorporate them into your Wedding photographs.

  5. Are you going to stick around until the end of the day? Do you have any time limits?

    While my packages state 8 to 10 hours of shooting time, that’s just a typical day. I don’t start a timer when I begin shooting and I certainly don’t work like I am on the clock!

    No, I don’t have any time limits provided that it's within reason. My goal is to capture your entire Wedding day and nothing less.

  6. How many images do you usually deliver to the client?

    Each wedding is unique, so it’s difficult to answer this question with any kind of certainty. I would say I shoot on average around 1000 to 1500 images per wedding. I usually deliver anywhere from 200 to 500 images to the client.

  7. What kind of processing do you perform on the images?

    I use the latest version of Adobe Lightroom and process all of my images regardless of the package selected. This includes color correction, general enhancements, touch-ups, black and white or sepia treatment, and much more.

  8. How soon can I see the images? How do you provide the photos?

    This is very important to all of my Wedding Couples, my contract states your photos will be online and the USB mailed within 14 days.  I will host your photos online for six months. Your photos will be password protected, however you can share the link and password with anyone you choose,

  9. What are my usage rights for those images?

    The images are yours and you are allowed to use them for personal use. You can freely print or post on your Facebook page, etc.

  10. Can other people take photos while I am taking photos?

    Since everyone has a camera these days, whether it be an actual camera or a cell phone, there’s no point in trying to control what can’t be controlled! I just ask that for formals and group shots, that no other photographer is around my immediate vicinity since people tend to get confused where to look and their eyes tend to shift and aren’t looking at my camera! I want your fomal photos to be as perfect as possible and I am sure you do as well.

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